I Had an Existential Crisis When I Was 5 & Man That Messed Me Up

by Anonymous Cans Scare Me

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Recorded in a bedroom all in one take.


i used to be afraid of insects
i hated things that would sting me when i went outside
as i got older i had to get over it
because i had paychecks on the line

i was never a big fan of needles
and whatever they would pump into me
but as i learned of the good that they were engineered to do
i got over myself and let it be

and i used to dislike public speaking
which seems ironic looking back
i would shake when i performed for others
afraid that i might make them laugh

i used to be afraid of dying
i learned that we all die when i was just a boy
i was told that we all go to heaven
but thinking that i wouldn't make it in scared me half to death

i'm still afraid of things that go bump in the night
and when people learn to just shug it off, like
"oh its just the cat, or its just the dog,
it could be that drunk driver who crashed in our front yard"

now i'm afraid of large commitments,
and the thought of my friendships all falling apart
it seems that all my friends always move on
find other people and leave me in the dust

and I'm afraid that i'll endure heartbreak again,
two times by you is enough for me
i don't want to imagine how it feels now
it hurt so bad when i was seventeen

and fuck i'm still afraid of dying
because i know its all that im guaranteed
there are some nights that i just cant fall asleep
because i dont know what will happen to me

all of this makes me afraid of living
and going about my life from day to day
i just know that this is something unavoidable
so i guess that makes it all okay


released March 1, 2016
Jackson Haley - Guitar and Vocals



all rights reserved


Anonymous Cans Scare Me Beverly, Massachusetts

John, Kurt and Jackson.

Not quite folk, but not quite punk.

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