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by Anonymous Cans Scare Me

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All songs written by Jackson in the winter of 2016, recorded at Fort Asshole, and produced by Tim Gerth


released April 17, 2016

On this recording, Anonymous Cans Scare Me is:

John Plunkett: U-Bass/Vocals/Harmonica
Kurt Lyons: Suitcase Drumkit
Jackson Haley: Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin



all rights reserved


Anonymous Cans Scare Me Beverly, Massachusetts

John, Kurt and Jackson.

Not quite folk, but not quite punk.

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Track Name: It's 2016, People Are Different Than You, Get Over It
there are people that are born straight
and there are people that are born gay
and there are those who are asexual, bisexual and the rest
and when you’re born you’re told,that you are either a boy or a girl
but as you grow you learn that you could be anything

so fuck all the haters and the nonbelievers
the conservative bigots with a mouth full of shit to say
and the facist elitists, those who try to appease us
in a scene full of acceptance that shit is not okay

so if you’re an outcast or a weirdo
or if you’ve been called a freak
i know that you’re trying to be who you want to be

and i know that it gets hard
when life pins you against a wall
just know you’re not alone
and you’re not the only one afraid

just be who you want to be
don’t get beat down by society
fuck their norms and their traditions
break it down and start rebuilding
a world were we can all be one
Track Name: Massachusetts Is Killing Me and I Just Want Out
i feel like i’m wasting away
each day is harder than the last
i persist on drinking coffee
and keeping myself from rest
and i’m sinking in my skin
holding it all together with a grin

and i’m sick and tired of living, in this same fucking place
the people are so boring, running in a rat race
and if i don’t get out of here alive there’s just one thing you should know
your acts toward me or lack thereof is why my emotions never show

well massachusetts is a coffin
submerged in the sea, encapsulating us as we drown
and i hope that i can get out, and leave it all behind
before it’s gone without a sound
and if i could i would take back every word that i have ever said
and eliminate my sense of regret
i’d put them in a bottle, cork it, and send them off to sea
with the hopes that someone, somewhere may understand me

and i’m sick and tired of living, in this same fucking place
the people are so boring, running in a rat race
and my life is such a mess, and my mind is such a wreck
oh god i’m so sick of all of this, i just want some fucking rest
Track Name: I Had An Existential Crisis When I Was Five & Man That Fucked Me Up
i used to be afraid of insects
i hated things that would sting me when i went outside
as i got older i had to get over it
because i had paychecks on the line

and i was never a big fan of needle
and whatever they would pump into me
but as i learned of the good that they were engineered to do
i got over myself and let it be

and i used to dislike public speaking
which seems ironic looking back
i would shake when i performed for others
afraid that i might make them laugh

and i used to be afraid of dying
i learned that we all die when i was just a boy
and my mother told me we all go to heaven
but thinking i wouldn’t make it in it scared me half to death

well i’m still afraid of things that go bump in the night
and when people learn to just shug it off
like oh it’s just the cat, or it’s just the dog
it could be that drunk driver who just crashed in our front yard

and now i’m afraid of large commitments
and the thought of my friendships all falling apart
because all of my friends always move on
find other people and leave me in the dust

and i’m afraid that i’ll endure heartbreak again
two times by you is enough for me
i don’t want to imagine how it feels now
it hurt so bad when i was seventeen

and fuck i’m still afraid of dying
because i know it’s all that i am guaranteed
there are some nights that i just can’t fall asleep
because i don’t know what will happen to me

and all of this makes me afraid of living
and going about my life from day to day
i just know that this is all unavoidable
so i guess that makes it all okay
Track Name: Sometimes I Get Angry, Like How I've Been The Last Three Months
you sit on a throne, of all the things that you know
and i hope that you know that nobody cares about what you have to say
and you prove your self-worth, by putting other people down
and then complain when things don’t go your way

and you probably think i’m full of piss and vinegar
it’s better than shit and arrogance
and you try to make amends by laughing with your friends
and joking about the shit that you’ve done to them

your pedestal is carved, from egotistical pride
pushing everyone away, leaving no-one by your side
and sometimes people are right, and sometimes people are wrong
and i know that you don’t want to hear it
but you’re oftentimes the latter, trying to prove yourself right when we’ve all proven you wrong
a logic based hierarchy doesn’t mean shit,if you just use it to insist that you’re correct
you treat people with disrespect, and expect some praise in return

and you probably think i’m full of piss and vinegar
it’s better than shit and arrogance
and you try to make amends by laughing with your friends
and joking about the shit that you’ve done to them
and you laugh because you’re right
and make them all follow along
they’re sick and tired of it
your antics will be your downfall